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News from Camelback InnNov 8, 2013

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 Directors and Officers elected at Annual Meeting

The 41st Annual Meeting of the Council of Co-Owners was held at Camelback Inn on Saturday, October 19, 2013. The Annual business meeting was among the events that took place over three days and included Meetings of the Board of Directors, a cocktail reception at the Manor House on Thursday evening; the Co-Owners Golf Tournament, evening reception and tour of Camelback's completely re-designed Ambiente Golf Course on Friday and a reception hosted by Marriott International on Saturday evening.
At the Meeting of the Council of Co-Owners, two Board Members were elected to serve for a term of four years:

Jim Montgomery, Jr. - second term
Charles Clist - first term
The Council approved the 2014 Budget as presented and adopted the minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting. Both the Budget and the 2012 minutes were distributed with the Annual Meeting Ballots and can be viewed on the web site.
At the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors, Officers of the Council of Co-Owners were elected to serve for a term of one year:
Joel A. Stein, President
Connie Clark, Vice President
John Heller, Secretary
Charles Clist, Treasurer

The Board appointed the following Committee Chairpersons:
Jim Montgomery, Property and Planning
David C. Bartholomew, Communications

For complete contact information for Officers, Board Members and Committee Members; click the link marked "Contacts".

 Future Annual Meeting Dates set

The Annual Meeting of the Council of Co-Owners is held each year at Camelback Inn on the third Saturday of October unless special circumstances such as conflicts involving resort business or holidays require a change of date. Please note that, in order to avoid a conflict with Yom Kippur, the meeting date in 2016 has been changed to the last Saturday in October.
Meeting dates for the next three years are:

Saturday, October 18, 2014
Saturday, October 17, 2015
Saturday, October 29, 2016

 General Partner presents financial updates

The Annual Meeting of the Council of Co-Owners Agenda included a presentation by the General Partner of the Camelback Inn Associates Limited Partnership, Host Hotels and Resorts, Inc. Host's financial presentation was also distributed in written form to those in attendance. To access the report which includes financial forecasts and the preliminary 2014 Capital Expenditure Budget, go to the "Partnership Information" page on the web site and click on the link.

 New Golf Course opens November 19

Opening Day is almost here for the new Ambiente Golf Course at the Camelback Golf Club. This new course together with the Padre Golf Course will offer guests 36 holes of challenging golf that will make Camelback Inn truly a destination golf resort. The project also included the re-design of the bar and dining facilities at the Camelback Clubhouse. Read more about the Ambiente Golf Couse on the "What's New?" page of the web site.

 Make Camelback reservation requests on your computer

You can request your room reservations at Camelback Inn directly on your computer from the Co-Owners website which is After you key in your password, go to the "Reservations Form" page and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirming email from the Camelback Inn Reservations Office.

When visiting Camelback Inn during high season, we also recommend that you make Spa and dinner reservations prior to your arrival. The Inn's Concierge Staff is available to help with all of your reservation requests including dining and entertainment off property. Contact the Inn at 480-948-1700.

 Your comments are welcome

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Very best regards,
David C. Bartholomew
Communications Committee