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News from Camelback InnDec 18, 2014

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 Camelback room rates announced for First Quarter 2015

Rates for First Quarter 2015 are now posted on the Camelback Room Rates page and include rates for regular rooms and sun deck rooms. Please note that rates for certain dates in December, 2014 were recently revised and remember that all rates are subject to change at any time.

The number of days your unit will be charged when you use vacation time at a reciprocal property is based upon the rate in effect the day of your stay at that hotel. We suggest that you consult this page prior to making your plans if you need to forecast your vacation time usage.

 Special committee begins review of Condominium Documents

In October, the Board of Directors appointed an ad hoc committee to review the Condominium Documents and make recommendations to the Board for any amendments that should be considered. It is an important duty of the Board to review the documents every few years to ensure that they comply with changes in state and local laws and to consider changes that would serve the ownership. Such a review was most recently undertaken by a committee that concluded its work in 2009. The report of the 2009 By-Laws Review Committee recommended five amendments to the By-Laws, all of which were adopted.

This year's review will involve a lengthy and deliberate process and any proposed amendments are expected to be presented to the Co-Owners at the October, 2015 Annual Meeting. The committee welcomes suggestions and input from all owners. You can contact Committee Chair, Christopher Gable at Also serving on the committee are Director Jack Florio and past Presidents David Bartholomew, Brenda Kaplan and Joel Stein. Current President Connie Clark and the Board's independent legal counsel serve as ex-officio members.

 Changes for Condominium Sales Operations now in effect

Host Hotels and Resorts, Inc. recently announced that the sales and marketing of Condominium units is now handled by First Financial Equity Corporation, a full service licensed securities broker with offices in Scottsdale. The move will have no financial impact on the Partnership and is expected to expand the potential market for the resale of Condominium Units.

The list of those Units that are currently being offered for sale by other Co-Owners will continue to be posted on the Co-Owner's web site and was most recently updated on December 9, 2014. To view the list, log on and click the "Units Available for Resale" tab on the left. Contact information for First Financial Equity Corporation can also be found on the Units Available for Resale web page.

June and Wanda will continue to handle Partnership business, including reimbursement for reciprocal stays, from the Condominium Office on property.

 Request vacation time at Camelback Inn on-line

The fastest way to request vacation time at Camelback Inn is on your computer. Just log on to Key in your password, click the Reservations Page link at the left and follow the instructions. Your request is sent directly to the Camelback Reservations Team. They will send you confirmation by the next business day. It's that simple. No need to call, fax or email.

 Check the web for the latest about Camelback Inn

The Communications Committee continually updates the web site on matters of interest to Co-Owners. This includes posting changes in CBI rates, additions or deletions to the units available for resale, and other news of interest to Camelback investors. Look for new innovations and improvements to our web site in 2015. We invite you to check the site often to find out "What's New".

If you have questions or need technical help with your access to the web site, do not hesitate to send an email to the Communications Committee c/o

The Officers, Directors and Committee members of the Camelback Inn Condominium wish all of you a joyous Holiday Season and a happy and healthy New Year.

The Board of Directors
Marriott Resort Hotel Condominium - Camelback Inn