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Letter from Joel Stein; President, Council of Co-OwnersApr 11, 2013
Fellow Co-Owners:

This is my first communication to you that is being sent through our new email system which is part of the new and improved Co-Owner web site. Over 200 Owners have provided us with their email addresses enabling us to communicate with you in a fast, efficient and paperless method. Because this is our first use of this system, I am also sending the letter and enclosed meeting Agenda to everyone via regular U.S. Mail. The next time there is a mailing we will save postage and trees by only sending hard copies to those for whom we do not have a current email address.

This letter and the Notice and Agenda for the April 17 Special Meeting of the Board of Directors are posted on the web site. The Notice can be found under Meetings and Events, Board of Director's tab.

Our web address is You can go directly to the web site by clicking the link at the top.

In this issue:

 Special Board of Director's Meeting - April 17 at 5:30 p.m. MST

Among the topics we will be discussing are:

  • Appointment of the Nominating Committee
  • Preliminary plans for the October 2013 Meeting Events
  • Review of Issues Previously discussed in Executive Session.

You may listen to the meeting by calling (800) 567-5900 and dialing the access code 236529. Highlights of the meeting will be posted on the web site.

 Camelback Co-Owner's Web Site

We have recently expanded and improved the Co-Owner website. It is designed to be your primary source of information about the Camelback inn Condominium. Now you can access Camelback information at any time and from any location as long as you are close to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you received this letter via email, you can click the link at the end to log onto the site. Please take a few minutes to update your profile to ensure that your personal information is correct. The profile section also contains a space that allows you to change your password.

The website includes:

  • News about Condominium meetings and activities
  • Access to the governing condominium and partnership documents
  • Contact information for Board and Committee Members
  • Minutes from October's Annual Meeting
  • Future meeting notices and agenda
  • Archived minutes of Board and Committee Meetings

 Making Room Reservations at Camelback Inn

Reserving your condominium unit at Camelback Inn is now easier than ever thanks to the new reservations page that has been added the Co-Owner web site. The process is quick and uncomplicated. Simply click the link "reservations" on the left side of the home page. The reservations page will appear. Enter your arrival and departure dates from the drop down calendar. If you own multiple units, select the unit you will be using for this stay. There is also a box for any special instructions you may have.

When you have completed the reservation request, click the "send" button and the Camelback Reservations Department will be advised of your request. Within a couple of days you will receive a confirming email message.

IMPORTANT : When reserving vacation time at Camelback Inn, Do Not call the Marriott Worldwide Reservations Center, the Platinum Elite Line or make reservations on the Marriott web site. If you need to change or cancel a Camelback reservation, please use this system or call the reservations department on property.

The Co-Owner web site reservation page is only for your stays at Camelback when you use vacation time. It is the Owner's responsibility to ensure that sufficient vacation time is available at time of check in. Owners who have exhausted their vacation days prior to completion of their stay will be charged the best available rate at time of check-in for that portion of the stay not covered by available time.

As provided for by the Partnership Agreement, you must make your reservations by May 31 in order to guarantee the availability of your unit(s) for specific dates during the following winter season. Reservation requests made after May 31 are subject to availability.

 Matters Handled by the Limited Partnership

We have included a page on our web site titled "Partnership Information" where we post recent correspondence that has been distributed by the General Partner. It is important for you to keep in mind that the Partnership is a separate entity from the Camelback Inn Condominium and your rights as an owner are different from your rights and privileges as a Limited Partner.

Some of the matters that are handled by the Camelback Inn Limited Partnership include:

  • Issuing your interim and year-end distribution checks
  • Preparation and distribution of your K-1 tax information
  • Distribution of the Partnership Annual Report
  • Payment of property taxes on your behalf
  • Reciprocal Privilege Reimbursement

Contact Wanda Shopinski at for information about your remaining vacation days or other reimbursement issues.

The Condominium Office can also provide you with information about units that are currently being offered for sale. Under Section 20 of the Condominium Declaration, Co-Owners have the right of first refusal with respect to the proposed sale of a condominium unit. If you wish to receive notice of proposed sales, you must notify the Condominium Office in writing.

 Bathroom Renovations Start in May

Management announced at the October meetings that all of the guest rooms will receive a complete redo of the bathrooms with certain other improvements to be made to the bedroom areas. Therefore, certain rooms will be out of service from May until September.

When responding to your reservations request, the Reservations Department will advise if your unit is available and, if not, will advise of alternative choices.

 Getting Access to the Web Site

If you received this letter via regular mail and do not yet have access to the web site, we encourage you to contact us so that we can get you started. We will need the name of the owner, all unit numbers and a current email address. You may send that information to , or send an email to our Communications Committee Chair, David Bartholomew at You will receive an email response with your password and instructions for signing on.