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Annual Meeting News from Camelback InnNov 6, 2015

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 43rd Annual Meeting will resume on February 4, 2016

The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Council of Co-Owners was called to order on Saturday, October 17, 2015 and will be continued on February 4, 2016 in order to allow additional time to vote on proposed amendments to the Declaration and By-Laws. Voting was concluded on the measures which require simply a majority of those ballots cast prior to or at the meeting, specifically, adoption of the Council Budget for 2016, adoption of the April, 2015 minutes of the Special Meeting; and the election of two Directors. The budget and minutes were approved. Jack Florio and Gary Torrence were elected to serve four year terms on the Board of Directors.

Adoption of each of the proposed Amendments requires a favorable vote of at least 75% of the total voting power of the Association. Although the votes cast were overwhelmingly in favor of each of the measures, they represented less than half of the total voting power. A motion was presented from the floor to close the voting on all of the measures. That motion failed and a second motion was presented to continue the voting on all items except the Fifth Proposed Amendment to the Declaration which would have revised Section 20. That motion was carried. Accordingly, voting will continue on all proposed amendments except for the Fifth Proposed Amendment.

The Fifth Proposed Amendment involved a lengthy revision of the Right of First Refusal process connected with the sale of condominium units. The Board subsequently appointed a new Declaration and By-Laws Review Committee to address the concerns raised with respect to Section 20.

 Please send in your ballot

If you did not send in your ballot prior to the meeting, please take a few minutes to cast your vote for the proposed amendments that remain open. Although we must preserve the Ballot in its original form, please keep in mind that it is not necessary to vote for the proposed Budget, Minutes, and Candidates for Director or Proposed Amendment Five of the Declaration. The ballot can be returned via U.S. Mail, fax or a scanned copy can returned via email. Complete instructions are contained on the ballot which you can access by clicking the button below.


 Minutes of the Annual Meeting October Session are now posted

To read more about the proceedings of the October Session of the Annual Meeting, click the link at the upper right of the What's New page. The minutes contain details of the vote count and summaries of reports presented by the Officers of the Council and Committee Chairpersons. You can also read about presentations from Jim Rose, General Manager of Camelback Inn and Katie Palmer, on behalf of the Camelback Inn Associates Limited Partnership.

The complete set of minutes will be presented following adjournment of the February 4, 2016 continuation and any subsequent continuations of the meeting. The minutes will be presented to the Co-Owners for approval at the Annual Meeting in October, 2016.

 Host Announces closing of the Condominium Office

Host Hotels and Resorts, Inc., General Partner of the Camelback Inn Associates Limited Partnership, announced at the meeting that they plan to close the Condominium Office by the first quarter of 2016. Administrative functions currently being performed by June and Wanda will either be brought in house to Host's corporate office or outsourced to a third party. The Host Legal Department will handle title transfers and General Partner obligations of document deliveries for condominium resales. Other functions including reciprocal exchange payments and vacation program tracking are expected to be outsourced to a third party.

 Board Holds Thursday and Saturday Meetings

The Board of Directors met on Thursday, October 15 and Saturday, October 17, 2015. At the Thursday session, the Board received detailed reports from Jim Rose and the Camelback Executive Team about the Resort's year to date performance, leadership in guest satisfaction and the success of recent projects including the redesigned Jackrabbit Pool, Ambiente Golf Course and continued guest approval of the recently remodeled bathrooms. Planned capital projects including new guestroom televisions and refurbishing of the fitness center were discussed. Host reviewed partnership financial information.

At the Thursday session, the Board approved minutes for previous meetings which are now posted on the Meetings and Events - Board of Directors page. You can now access all of the 2015 minutes through September. Minutes of the October Meetings will be Available upon approval by the Board.

On Saturday, October 17, 2015, the Board held its Annual Meeting to elect Officers and appoint Committees. President Connie Clark gave an update regarding Marriott's initiatives to expand the reciprocal exchange program to include additional Marriott brands.

 Meet your new Officers and Directors

The Contacts Page now contains pictures of your Officers, Directors and Committee Members as well as their address, telephone and email contacts. Click on the Contacts Page and choose from the Director/Committee listings.

Officers for the 2015-2016 term are:

President: Connie Clark
Vice President: Biffie Kelly
Secretary: Chris Gable
Treasurer: Charles Clist

 View photos of the Annual Meeting and social events

The Annual Meeting Weekend was a memorable occasion. Besides the business meetings of the Association, there were social and recreational activities including our first ever Segway tour of Scottsdale, great fun for those who participated. Many also enjoyed a morning of golf at the Camelback Golf Club. Congratulation to the Montgomery Team for a first place finish, to Joy Aeurswald and Joel Stein for long drives; and to Sherral Carson and Joe Schauer for closest to the pin. Nearly everyone attended and enjoyed the evening receptions at the Manor house and Sonoran Terrace

To view photographs of the events, go to:

This is a photo sharing service operated by Shutterfly which is free to users and enables us to post and share photographs. There is no charge to become a member of Shutterfly which enables you to download pictures from the site to your computer.

 Camelback room rates now posted through December 21

Rates for regular and sun deck rooms through December 21, 2015 are now posted on the Camelback Room Rates page. The number of days your unit is charged when you use vacation time at a reciprocal property is based upon the rate in effect the day of your stay at the participating hotel. Rates will change frequently in September. We suggest that you consult this page prior to making your plans if you need to forecast your vacation time usage.

 Updated listing of Units Available for Resale

First Financial Equity Corporation has furnished us with the revised listing as of November 3, 2015. You can view the list by visiting the Units Available for Resale page on the website. Matt Munn and his team at FFEC have initiated new marketing efforts to promote the sale of Condominium Units on property. The listing can now be obtained at the Front Desk or from the Concierge and the property map has been revised to include information about resales.

Section 20 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the Camelback Inn Condominium provides current owners with the Right of First Refusal enabling an existing owner to match the terms of an offer to purchase a condominium unit by a non-owner. If you wish to be informed of pending sales you may request that your name be added to the notification list by sending an email request with your name and unit numbers to:

Mathew Munn
C/O First Financial Equity Corporation

 Making Room Reservations

It's easy to request vacation time at Camelback Inn on your computer. Just click the Reservations Page link and follow the instructions. Your request will be sent directly to the Camelback Reservations Team. They will send you confirmation by the next business day. You can also use the Reservations page to cancel or make changes to an existing reservation.

 Check the web for the latest news about Camelback Inn

The Communications Committee continually updates the web site on topics that include posting changes in CBI rates, additions or deletions to the units available for resale, and other news of interest to Camelback investors. We invite you to check the site often to find out "What's New".

If you have questions or need technical help with your access to the web site, do not hesitate to send an email to the Communications Committee c/o

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Board of Directors
Marriott Resort Hotel Condominium - Camelback Inn