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Project UpdateMay 1, 2013

 JW Marriott Camelback Inn Management Staff Project Update

We are pleased to announce the JW Marriott Camelback Inn is on schedule with the estimated timeline for the bathroom beautification project. The renovation began April 29th and will be completed by the middle of September of this year.

As discussed at the October condominium meeting, part of the overall scope of the project includes the replacement of all floorcovering within almost every unit. This includes carpeting, all interior entry ceramic floor tiles, and the floor tile in rooms that have kitchens or small kitchenettes. In room layouts where the kitchenette tile continues under the door into the owners' closet, we will need to access the owners' closet in order to have continuance of the new tile.

In rooms where the closet space must be accessed, we have established a process in which two designated Marriott associates will open the closet, photograph the placement of items in the closet, inventory the items stored, and move the items to secured and climate-controlled storage. Upon completion of the renovation, the stored items will be returned to the closet in a similar fashion as they were photographed before removal.

Many of the referenced closets will not be accessed until May 5, 2013. If you prefer to remove any items stored in the closet, rather than have the items removed and restored as described above, please do so by May 5, 2013.

As noted above, the renovation began on April 29, 2013, and is projected to be completed on September 15, 2013.

Please see the below listing of condo rooms that have locked closets which will be accessed in the manner described in the included renovation update, in order to install new tile in each closet.

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